The HIIT Party! CALLING ALL GLADIATORS....TrainWith presents The HIIT Party! 

The event kicks off with a night full of fitness and special giveaways! Join Serge and his athletes at the hottest spots in Washington, D.C. They will alternate strength training exercises with aerobic activities to give participants two workouts in one. 

The HIIT Party combines intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide trainees with the ultimate workout. Party goers can burn 400 - 700 calories through a variety of exercises that may include jump ropes, boxing drills, free weights, and even a little healthy competition. 

Expect the unexpected in this full-body,  fitness event, which will be filled with variety and tons of enjoyment. The HIIT Party is extraordinarily popular, so spots WILL BE LIMITED!


A night full of fun and activities:

  • Complimentary TrainWith goodie bag, T-shirt and other gifts for gladiators

  • Yoga

  • The HIIT Party (an exciting, upbeat, fun and intense boot camp )

  • TrainWith Happy Hour -  complimentary drinks for all patrons, affirming that athletes can still make healthy choices while enjoying drinks and a night out with friends

  • An amazing night with friends that infuses art, music, fitness and sports


Get ready for a memorable night!





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